About Time to Care

Vision:Time to Care trust’s vision is to inspire a culture of unconditional care for the other, by giving to those less fortunate, so we may help one another.

  • Provide short term relief assistance to communities and people affected by poverty.
  • Create long term sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation.
  • Encourage the idea of charitable giving for the upliftment of humanity.
  • Develop networks and channels to aid in the distribution of humanitarian aid relief.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to combat the effect of poverty in our communities.

Mission:  Time to Care aims to provide humanitarian aid relief to the most deserving people and communities in South Africa and the SADC region.

  • Assisting the underprivileged, destitute, and poverty stricken members of our society.
  • Providing for the supplies and caring needs for orphan children.
  • Educational and scholarship needs for deserving learners and students.
  • Caring for the sick and elderly with needs and necessities.
  • Aiding communities through development irrespective of race, religion and social background.

    Gift of Hope have also key partners both internationally and locally namely: Time to Help which is based in the United Kingdom, Compassion Relief Foundation INC based in the United States of America. In South Africa we have partnered with the Department of Health and Social Development together with Charlotte Maxeke Foundation and more.Where is Time to Care located:

    Gift of Hope is currently based in five of the biggest cities in South Africa namely, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and also including the head office which is in Johannesburg. We have also partnered and in association with other southern hemisphere African countries including Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Madagascar, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Namibia.