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 “Disadvantaged youth” in many countries is used as an umbrella category which embraces all young people with fewer opportunities than their peers and in some countries other terms like youth-at-risk, vulnerable youth, disconnected youth or social excluded youth are preferred to describe social inequality among young people.The notion “disadvantaged youth” in general refers to young people with fewer chances to achieve in life such as education or societal positions.

Together with Siyakhula Trust and Horizon Educational Trust we share similar missions, one being; is to assist community leaders, Community Based Organisations, Non Profit Organisations and government officials develop skills so that they can efficiently initiate and manage development and job creation projects to the benefit of the communities they serve.One of our aims together with Horizon Educational Trust is assist and inspire the youth by providing them with tuition classes and extra academically life skills classes, hence the Horizon Educational Trust has a vast of qualified teachers including alumni which were born and raised within the region of Gauteng (Soweto ‘Johannesburg’).


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