Where We Focus

Food Aid

The distribution humanitarian aid packages in form of food parcels for destitute people and impoverished families. The humanitarian aid consists of basic foods and suppliers; providing emergency relief and assistance to the needy communities. Every year, the Gift of Hope Trust promotes its flagship Meat Distribution campaign, delivering meat to the communities that are need.

Winter Support

The Gift of Hope has an annual drive during the winter times to collect winter clothes ranging from jackets, beanies, boots and blankets to distribute to the families and members of the community who are less fortunate.


Education is the key to success and thus the Gift of Hope in partnership with the Horizon Educational Trust, has set up a scholarship fund to help those bright young students who come from poor backgrounds to achieve their career goals.

Disaster Management

Each year the Gift of Hope organizes drives to collect water, food and clothing to help people who have been affected by natural disasters. The Gift of Hope goes to those areas and assesses what kind of assistance may be given to the affected communities.